Friday, 29 November 2013

Diamond Studio Daily 29/11/2013

In honour of Black Friday we thought we would give you some information on Black Diamonds a sleek and unique option for those who what to try something other than the usual white. 

1. Black diamonds are also called Carbonado. A name coined by Portuguese because of the diamonds resemblance to porous charcoal.

2. They are found in the Central Africa and Brazil, with Brazil being the major source.
3. The natural colour of a black diamond ranges from black to dark greys.
4. Black diamonds are the rarest among all diamonds.
5. Black diamonds originated on earth 3.5 billion years ago – that’s a mighty long time!
6. Translucent or semi-transparent black diamonds are very rare and naturally they command a very high price.
7. In ancient Italy, black diamonds were thought to represent reconciliation. They believed by touching a black diamond misunderstandings and quarrels can be patched up. 
8. Unlike the traditional diamonds, black diamonds are made up of carbon atoms and

small amounts of hydrogen. This has led some people to believe black diamonds were formed in intersteller space! They theorize that there was an steller supernova explosion and an asteroid crashed into earth about 2.8 million years ago.

Now that you know all the facts, perhaps you’ll add a pair of black diamond earrings, like the DaMarcus ones pictured above, to your wish list this year? ;)

Today's Diamond of the Day is the flawless 43.5 carat diamond, known as the Golden Eye
The FBI seized the remarkable jewel, one of the world's largest yellow diamonds, in an undercover sting. The investigation led to the prosecution and conviction of Ohio businessman and infomercial king Paul Monea for money laundering. It's now being auctioned for an expectd $20 million to recover the money owed by Mr Monea.

In at number 40 in our Celebrity Engagement Ring Countdown is Jessica Alba. Cash Warren lived up to his name by spending $100,000 on Jessica Alba's engagement ring. The five carat diamond was surrounded by pave set diamonds.

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