Wednesday, 28 November 2012

St Andrew's Day!

It's St Andrew's Day on Friday, so we're taking the opportunity to celebrate all things Scottish!

There are many stories and theories as to why St Andrew came to be associated with Scotland, but many of them state that he has been our patron saint since around the middle of the 10th Century!
It is said that the bones of St Andrew were brought to Scotland around then, to the place which we know today as St Andrews, or Cill Rìmhinn in Gaelic.

According to legend, king of the Picts - Óengus II - led an army of Picts and Scots into battle against the Angles in 832 AD. They were severely outnumbered and Óengus II vowed to make St Andrew the patron saint of Scotland if he helped them defeat their enemies. The next day, they saw a cloud in a horizontal cross shape in the sky, resembling the cross that St Andrew was crucified on. This filled them with strength and they managed to win the battle! This is also said to be the reason why our flag is blue with a white cross.

On St Andrew's Day in Scotland, the Scottish Government are required to fly the Saltire on all of their buildings which have a flagpole. It is also a bank holiday, however not a public holiday - so not all employers are obliged to give people the day off!

There is also a lot of folklore about the night before St Andrew's Day. It is said that women wishing to marry can pray to St Andrew to help them find a husband on the 29th of November. They can also see if their prayers have been heard by throwing a shoe at a door - if the toe ends up pointing at the exit, the woman will be married within the year!

Now, we're not entirely sure if we believe that, but it might be worth having a look at our Engagement Rings and mounts just in case, eh girls?

Even if you're not interested in getting married, we've got a lot of Scottish-themed products which would be perfect for attending a Ceilidh, or maybe just to show a bit of patriotism!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Archduke Joseph Diamond

Last week, the Archduke Joseph Diamond was sold for a whopping 20m Swiss francs (that's £13m or $21m!) at Christie's Auction House in Geneva!

An anonymous bidder bought the giant stone, after being lovingly kept by Alfredo Molina, the chairman of a Californian-based jeweller, for several years.

The diamond is thought to be over 400 years old and is named after an Austrian prince who it once belonged to. It originates from the famous Golconda diamond mines in India, where other such treasures such as the Koh-i-Noor diamond and the stunning blue Hope Diamond also came from.

The cushion-cut Archduke Joseph Diamond weighs a staggering 76.02 carats, has Internally Flawless clarity and is graded D in colour - meaning it is regarded as being a 'perfect' diamond and it is one of the most admired diamonds in the World!

We're featuring pieces which contain lots of sparkling diamonds this week, have a look at them:

Three-Tiered Diamond Bangle
The Boxer Ring
Trilliant Diamond Earrings
'Radiance' 8.23ct Diamond Necklace

Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Rangers Diamond!

There have been some very exciting times here at The Diamond Studio recently - we have created the world's FIRST diamond that is laser-engraved with a football team crest!

After launching the Spirit of '72 Collection in collaboration with Rangers FC in May 2011, we have had a strong business partnership with the club and have very much enjoyed working with them. The Diamond Studio made valued friends in current and former players such as current Team Captain Lee McCulloch (pictured below with the Diamond) Maurice Edu, Alejandro Bedoya and of course DaMarcus Beasley, who we also have a collection with.
We are also working with a Belgian diamond company, owned by the family of Jeroen Van Den Broeck, who was in the Under 21s team for RFC. As well as continuing to play football in Belgium, Jeroen is also part of the business and we consider him to be a good friend as we have a love of both football and diamonds!
This is why we felt that launching the diamond with Rangers was definitely the natural thing to do!

The diamond is a Round Brilliant cut, 0.36ct in weight, G colour and VS2 clarity, so it was already a stunning stone before it even had the Rangers FC crest on it!
Below you can see how the crest looks on the diamond!

We had Ally McCoist, Rangers FC manager in to see us last week, and he was utterly thrilled with the Rangers Diamond!

Of course, the Rangers Diamond is only the beginning. Any logo or lettering can be laser-engraved onto a diamond and we think that they would provide excellent promotional opportunities for any organisation!
Imagine being the first business of your kind to have its logo on a diamond!
Any diamond of any colour or cut can be engraved, so the possibilities are endless and it is truly something that will last forever.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Black Pearls - PotW 29/10/12!

There is a definite Gothic trend happening in A/W 2012 and since it's Halloween today as well, we're featuring black pearls this week!

Black pearls actually come in a wide range of different hues and colours - from dark blue and green to peacock and even sometimes having lots of different hues!
We absolutely love them and think that they make a stunning addition to any jewellery box! If you love pearls but are looking for something a bit different than the norm, these are definitely the way to go!
Natalie Portman is also a big fan of black pearls, having been seen wearing them for both dressy and casual occasions!

Whether it's earrings, a necklace or a ring you're after, The Diamond Studio are here to help you with all your pearl needs! Whilst we might not have a lot of black pearls on our website just now, many of the pearl pieces we do feature are available in black - just give us a phone, drop us an email or come in and see us if you are looking for something particular and we will do our very best to source it for you!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

TechnoMarine Watches

TechnoMarine is a relatively new watch brand, as it was founded in 1997 by French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry. A Geneva based company, TechnoMarine is of French design combined with the best of Swiss technology and caters for both men and women as well as having an extensive unisex range. Renowned for its modern and controversial use of unusual materials, combining plastic and ceramics with diamonds, TechnoMarine watches are fun and creative as well as luxurious, fashionable and sophisticated. This revolutionary brand is already a great success and its popularity is growing rapidly, being found on the wrist of many hollywood stars including David Beckham and Madonna. It is a brand of watch which promotes an adventurous, exciting and fashionable lifestyle, and we think they're fab!

If you're looking for a watch which is a bit different from the usual, run-of-the-mill watch then look no further! TechnoMarine watches are extremely luxurious and quite distinctive from other watches, allowing you to express yourself however you want!
They come in a range of colours and styles, meaning there is something for everyone in their collections!

We are currently offering 25% off all our remaining TechnoMarine watches, and are featuring one of them every day on our Facebook and Twitter pages!
We've already featured our Chronograph Cruise in Blue and our Mini Chrono in Black - tomorrow and Friday there will be a look at our other two and we can guarantee they are just as fantastic!

You'll need to be quick to make sure that you manage to pick one of them up, as we only have four left in stock! And with them being as fabulous as they are, they'll be sure to go quickly! As an official stockist, we are able to source new straps and organise battery replacements and repairs on your TechnoMarine watch, should you need them!
There's never been a better time to treat yourself to a new watch, so why not take advantage of our amazing deal?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gold, this season's must-have!

Gold is making a comeback in a big way, particularly this season! It's all about black clothes in lace and decadent textures, with gold embellishments for the 'Baroque and Roll' trend - currently taking the fashion world by storm.

Dolce and Gabbana, and Stella McCartney are among those who have embraced this trend and created some fabulous designs we can't get enough of here at The Diamond Studio!
You too can be a part of this fabulous trend, and we have plenty of gold pieces to help you do just that!

Featured below are just some of the fabulous items we have which would be perfect paired up with a lace LBD or some leather trousers!

However, if all the gold items we have in stock don't quite take your fancy, we can have something bespoke made up just for you! This way, you'll know that whatever you get made up is completely unique - no-one else will have it!
Or if you would prefer, we can also get one of our existing pieces made up completely in gold, if you love them but would prefer them in gold!

Another option is to have something made up in silver, but gold-plate it. You can even get one of our existing products, or something you might already own, but would like to give a bit of an update! We can gold plate items for only £10 - a much cheaper alternative to buying something completely in gold, or getting something new made altogether!

Come up and see us if any of the above options interest you!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Product of the Week - 8/10/12!

Our Product of the Week this week is our fantastic new ring/pendant from the Spirit of '72 Collection for Rangers FC!

Made in silver and featuring an array of gorgeous sapphires, our 'Then, Now and Forever' ring can also be transformed into an interesting pendant - giving you two fabulous ways of wearing this piece!

This ring-pendant is a must have for any Rangers fan and signifies the new beginning for both the club and the fans!
The name of this piece 'Then, Now and Forever' signifies that while Rangers may have technically ended, the spirit lives on and the feeling about the club is greater than ever!

We have also just re-signed our contract with Rangers FC, and this ring also signifies our never-ending support for the club!

Celebrate the new era of Rangers with this amazing piece of jewellery, which is sure to attract attention and gain you some envious looks!

Put in your order here!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Freedom Rings

The traditional idea has always been that a man should buy a woman diamonds, but things drastically changed over the last century!

Nowadays, women are no longer dependant on men for anything, so there's no need to wait for a man to buy you diamonds any more - if you want them, why not treat yourself?

An ideal present to yourself would be to have us make a Freedom Ring for you - a ring to be worn on your right hand to show that you are completely happy with who you are, whether you're single or married, it doesn't matter!

Freedom Rings can be made to any design, some symbols for freedom (to give you some inspiration!) include: birds, butterflies, the sea, the sun, the mooon and stars, the sky and the wind.

Come in and see us to discuss your ideas!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Commitment Rings

They might be all the rage these days, but commitment rings (also known as 'pre-engagement rings' or 'promise rings') are actually nothing new. In fact, they supposedly date back to the 16th century!
In those times, if a man could not afford to marry the woman he loved at a certain point, he would give her a ring to show that they would get married eventually.
Commitment rings with this purpose are still quite popular today, particularly among young couples who intend to get married, but perhaps aren't at that stage in their lives yet when they're able to afford to get married and have children.

Although of course,commitment rings aren't just for women, or even just for one person in the couple.
Many couples who have been married for a while often choose to get commitment rings to perhaps mark a special milestone in their marriage, like a special anniversary.
There are also couples who choose to get commitment rings as an alternative to marriage. If marriage isn't what they want to do, commitment rings are the ideal way to show a partner just how much they mean and that the other person is in it for the long run.

Whatever you're looking for, whether you're married, thinking about getting married or looking for a way to tell someone just how much they mean to you, commitment rings are the way to do it!

Here at The Diamond Studio, we love working with customers to create bespoke designs and we can cater to any budget or taste.
We can make rings in any metal you would like and with any stones or gemstones you would like!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More about our Product of the Week - 17/9/12!

Our Product of the Week this week is our Hamsa hand pendant, in 9k white gold, 0.12ct diamond and turquoise.

The Hamsa is traditionally a palm-shaped amulet, to provide protection. It is popular in the Middle-East and North Africa in particular, and is depicted as an open right hand.
Hamsas are also known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam, the Hand of Mary by Levantine Christians and the Hand of Miriam in Judaism.

This amulet is believed to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye (I'm sure we've all given someone the evil eye at some point!) which directs injury or bad luck towards someone, as a result of envy or dislike.

The Hamsa is also regarded and used widely as a good luck charm, and also appears in the emblem of Algeria, due to its significance in Arabic and Berber (that's Berber, not Bieber!) culture.

So not only will this pendant look absolutely fabulous on you, it might just give you that little bit extra luck we could all sometimes do with!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Green Quartz

Apart from being completely stunning, our Product of the Week this week can also help you in other ways!
Everyone knows that Quartz has special, healing properties - but each form of Quartz has its own unique qualities.

Green Quartz is more formally known as Prasiolite (or Silicon Dioxide, to use its chemical name) and has special qualities which encourage Love, Intuition and Creativity.
If you're feeling like you need some inspiration, Prasiolite will help you get there!
It also helps the endocrine glands, to keep your body well-balanced, as well as transforming negative energy to positive energy.

Aside from those things, our Green Quartz ring also contains diamonds and is made in 9k White Gold. So even if you're not interested in healing properties, you can definitely enjoy wearing this ring - we think it's gorgeous!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Engagement Rings

At The Diamond Studio, we know that choosing the perfect engagement ring is not something that can be rushed, nor is it something you can do without putting in some effort!

It's important for the one you love to have a ring as unique as they are, and The Diamond Studio is the place to find it!

We have a selection of gorgeous engagement mounts in stock, to help give you inspiration - or perhaps you'll find what you're looking for among them!
However if you have something completely different in mind, we can have it made up exactly how you want it.

Now for the diamond itself! Whatever cut, colour, carat and clarity you're searching for, we will do our very best to make sure that we find the exact diamond you are searching for!

We have recently joined up with Nordic Fire, a diamond mining company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The origins of this family-run business date back all the way to 1898!
Their diamonds come from the Diavik mine in Canada's Northwest Territories and they are fairly mined, so you can have peace of mind, knowing exactly where your diamond came from.

We will soon be uploading a diamond stock list onto our website, so you can browse it at your leisure, to find your perfect match.
We then order the onr and it gets shipped over all the way from Antwerp, just for you!

The diamond and mount will come together to create a stunning, one-off piece you will both treasure for a lifetime.

We can also re-model items of jewellery - perhaps there is a family heirloom which holds sentimental value, but could do with a bit of an update. We will happily talk through designs and ideas with you - to help keep cherished memories alive, but with a modern twist!

If you don't really like white diamonds, there are more colours to choose from! Black, yellow, or even pink - to name but a few!
Or, if diamonds aren't really your gemstone of choice - you can have an engagement ring with a sapphire, an emerald, whatever you prefer! Or even just a plain band with a pattern or engraving of your choice, we make bespoke pieces to suit all tastes!

We have worked with some wonderful couples over the years, and we are always as excited as they are to see the finished product!
However you envision your perfect engagement ring, The Diamond Studio will be with you every step of the way, to ensure you will be completely thrilled with it!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Diamond Studio Stories!

Here at The Diamond Studio, we often find that some of the pieces we make and the customers we have often have brilliant and interesting stories to go along with them!

When engagement rings are involved, we put everything we have into making sure that the finished product is exactly how the couple want it to be.
This can involve searching the globe for the perfect diamond, designing and making a bespoke mount - or sometimes just re-sizing something we already have made up, if someone likes what they see in the Studio!

Since we gladly make bespoke pieces, we have had some fabulous ideas from customers, and amazing pieces made to their specifications!
Sometimes there has been a story to do with why a piece is being made, an inscription on the inside of the piece which has special meaning - or perhaps even something to do with the design itself!

Do you have a Diamond Studio Story?
If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Send us in your photos and videos of your Diamond Studio Story, and you could feature on our Facebook page or YouTube channel!

You can e-mail us

Looking forward to seeing/hearing all your stories!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More about our Product of the Week! (20/8)

Our Product of the week this week is our Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18k White Gold.

Its design is highly unique and is guaranteed to attract attention at any occasion - as well as adding glamour to any outfit!

Sapphires are the crystallised form of Aluminium Oxide and although usually blue in colour, other colours are often found naturally - including yellow, green, orange brown and even pink!

Natural sapphires can be found in Africa, Asia and North America, but in 1902, a French chemist - Auguste Verneuil - created the World's first synthetic sapphires. Synthetic sapphires are used nowadays in things like the windows in armoured cars and in military body armour, due to their toughness and scratch-resistant properties.

Even though the applications of synthetic sapphires are obviously extremely useful, we think real sapphires are far too precious to be used for things like that!
They definitely look better in our Cocktail Ring, don't you agree?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Our Heritage

Although The Diamond Studio has been located on the first floor of 29 Glasgow since November 2011, we were actually established in 2006.
Coming from a qualified background in gemstones, wholesale and diamonds, the Managing Director Summera Shaheen founded the Diamond Studio in the Argyll Arcade, where we had five successful years, with Summera winning Businesswoman Of The Year at the Scottish Asian Business Awards in 2008.

The Diamond Studio already has a rich and dynamic history - we have created gifts from Glasgow at the SCDI International Awards.
In 2010, we made a golf pitch-marker for New York's former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and in 2011 we made cufflinks for Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the UN.
We have also been asked to make the gift from Glasgow for Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, for the SCDI International Awards in 2012!

In 2009, we collaborated with footballer DaMarus Beasley to create the DaMarcus Collection - a glamorous and different collection featuring black and white diamonds for a fabulous effect!

We are also the official licensee for the Old Firm and around Christmas 2010, The Diamond Studio created the Bhoys' Collection for Celtic FC. Featuring diamonds, alexandrite and silver, the collection has something for any Celtic fan!

In addition to this, we collaborated with Rangers FC in May 2011 to create the Spirit of '72 Collection, featuring a lot of unique pieces in silver, diamond, sapphire and blue diamond. Recently, we have also released our 140 Years dogtag in solid sterling silver and there are only 140 of these - each one engraved with its own individual number!

Over the years, we have had some out-there requests, crazily tight schedules and (of course) many stunning and amazing pieces pass through our doors!
Many different faces have made up our team since the beginning, each of them have been fantastic and have had something different to contribute.

Moving to 29 Private Members' Club has created a wide range of opportunities for The Diamond Studio, including providing us with the most stylish venues for hosting our events, where our guests receive top-class service from the staff and managers at 29!

We are very excited about the future, especially since linking up with Nordic Fire, a Belgian diamond company based in Antwerp. They mine their own diamonds in Canada, and the origins of the family-run business go all the way back to 1898!
All of their diamonds are extremely high-quality, and because they are from Canada, our customers know that they have been mined in the fairest possible way.

The Diamond Studio hope to add to our success from previous years and with some interesting projects in the pipeline, we're sure that we will!

Monday, 30 July 2012

SCDI Networking Event

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry is an organisation vital to the success of Scotland's economy. An independent membership network, SCDI promote growth in Scotland by influencing Government policies for the better of 'economic prosperity'.

The Diamond Studio are proud to have been members of SCDI for the past two and a half years, and have collaborated with them on a few occasions before.
We have provided the gifts from Glasgow, for hosts at the SCDI International Awards: in November 2010 we made a golf pitch marker for New York's former Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Then in November 2011, we made cufflinks for Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the UN.

Last Wednesday - the 25th of July, 2012 - The Diamond Studio co-hosted a Networking Event with 29 Glasgow, in partnership with SCDI. The purpose of this event was to promote business, and also to give companies the chance to communicate with other organisations - some they might not have come into contact with otherwise!

The event was a great success, with everyone enjoying some delicious canapés from the fabulous kitchens at 29 Glasgow! The weather was even nice enough for our guests to be able to sample the delights of the Roof Terrace, a fantastic area to sit and enjoy a drink in.

We ourselves met a lot of great and exciting people - we’re looking forward to seeing them at other SCDI or Diamond Studio events!

Big thanks to 29, for all their help in organising the event, as well as making sure the evening ran smoothly!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer Sale Event!

As those of you who participate in some form of social media will probably already know, our Summer Sale Event is taking place this Friday.

Come along to 29 on the 29th of June (how fitting!) for what is sure to be a fun and fabulous evening! The event will be on from 5pm til late, just pop along any time!

There are fantastic reductions on many of our collections, including:

* 25% off selected TechnoMarine watches

* 15% off all Rangers 'Spirit of 72'

* 15% off all Celtic 'Bhoys' Collection'


*15% off all Jersey Pearl products!

'But what's actually happening at the event?' you may ask.
Well, there will be drinks and refreshments, prizes and there should also be a few surprises thrown in for good measure! We'll also be announcing the winner of our £50 Diamond Studio voucher, for sharing our photo on Facebook or retweeting it on Twitter.

You can also try on some pieces if you would like, we promise we won't force you to buy anything! However, if you find your perfect match and simply feel you can't leave without it, that's another matter entirely!

We will also be offering jewellery cleaning, if you have something you love but could do with a bit of a shine, feel free to bring it along and we'll have it shining like new!

If you fancy enquiring about our bespoke service, feel free to have a chat with us about it on the night, or even arrange an appointment with us to come in another time. We'll provide tea/coffee and cake if you fancy having a more private chat!

Our friends at 29 will also be providing some fantastic offers on food and drink, if you fancy extending your evening further!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Product of the week 18/6 - Pearls!

Since we are still in the lovely month of June (and it's actually starting to feel like it, weather-wise!) what better product to have as our Product of the Week than exquisite pearls?

Pearls are the birthstone for June, so if anyone special has a birthday coming up, they would make a perfect gift! Though even if their birthday isn't in June, everyone deserves to have pearls of their own.

As everyone knows, pearls are produced by oysters and other similar molluscs. What you might not know is that they are a minute cristalline form of Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3 for any sciency types out there. But although they share their chemical formula with chalk, they are certainly nothing like it!

Known as the "Queen of Gems", the Pearl has a history which goes back centuries, we have had a fixation with them for quite some time! Natural pearls were treasured by both the Egyptians and the Romans, and pearls also feature in several religious texts, so they are truly highly valued.

In 1917, after collecting them for years, Pierre Cartier sold a double strand of natural pearls in exchange for a mansion on Fifth Avenue, New York - now the Cartier store. At the time, they were valued at $1m!

Natural pearls are therefore obviously pretty hard to come by these days, and would be extremely expensive to acquire any way! However, the process of producing 'cultured pearls' was perfected in 1916 by Japanese researchers. This process has made pearls far more accessible to those of us who aren't royalty or very rich!

Here at The Diamond Studio, we stock Jersey Pearl, a stunning collection featuring lots of different styles, so you will definitely find something to your liking!

Come in and see us, or you can always arrange a private appointment if you would prefer!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Product of the Week - Cufflinks for Dad

Here at The Diamond Studio, we're starting a brand new feature - Product of the Week!

Since Father's Day is coming up very soon, we decided what better product to get us started than cufflinks?

We have lots of different cufflinks in stock, so we're sure you would manage to find something to suit your Dad's taste!

And if not - why not have a pair of bespoke cufflinks made for him? You can get them made however you like, or bring your Dad in and he can have them made the way he wants!

We also have Rangers and Celtic cufflinks, as we are Official Licensee to the Old Firm, and all of our products can be engraved at no extra charge.

If that's not quite enough for you - our Men's silver jewellery including Fred Bennett and Denison Boston is 20% off just now, plus there is 10% off any product if it's for Father's Day!

Monday, 30 April 2012

Exciting times at The Diamond Studio

Well, we have been a few busy wee bees here at The Diamond Studio!

First of all, we had a fantastic event with Lancome on Thursday the 26th of April. There were cupcakes, makeup and diamonds galore!
The two girls from Lancome were brilliant, giving all our guests fabulous makeovers with their luxury products, and there was a real girly atmosphere!
Everybody had a lot of fun, we hope to do more events just like this is future!

There will be a short video to come on YouTube of the event.

Other very exciting things could soon be happening, check our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up-to-date with everything!

Remember, if you have any questions about anything, drop us an e-mail or send us a message! No question too big or to small for us.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New location and our Lancome event!

We may have been at our new premises since November, but we thought some of you might still have a little trouble finding us.

So we created this video to help you out!

We love being in the beautiful surroundings of 29 in Glasgow's Royal Exchange Square and feel right at home amongst the glamour and luxury of the Private Members' Club.

You don't need to be a member of 29 to come up and see us, just ask for us at reception or come up to the first floor.

We are also very excited to be hosting an event with Lancome tomorrow (26/4) for their new lipstick, Rouge In Love.
Come along from 3-7pm and you might even get a freebie or two! There will be cupcakes and the chance to win a bottle of bubbly, so why not pop in for a bit?

We would love to see you, remember we're always happy to have you in for a cuppa and a chat :)

Remember we also do remodelling of old jewellery, if you're not wanting to splash out on something completely new, but want to update your look a wee bit!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Create your own wedding ring with our bespoke personalised service.

The Diamond Studio specialise in creating bespoke personalised wedding jewellery to suit any budget and taste.

We work with all clients through all aspects of the design and creation process and we most importantly listen to your needs, wants and desires.

Getting engaged or married is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life and we want to make the selection process as easy as possible when it comes to your jewellery.

A diamond lasts an eternity, and we want your chosen piece to reflect your own personal tastes.

So if you would like to arrange a personal appointment to discuss your requirements, please call us on 0141 248 2389 or email:

Friday, 10 February 2012

Let your creativity loose with some loose diamonds from The Diamond Studio

The Diamond Studio have hundreds of loose diamonds to help your create your perfect look.

Before buying a loose certified diamond for your engagement ring or personal jewellery, you should review the diamond certificate, as this is your guarantee of the diamond's quality.

A diamond certificate documents the diamond's quality, colour, clarity, cut & the diamond's carat weight.

We specialise in certified diamonds giving you piece of mind that you have made a quality investment for yourself or loved one.

We have a range to match any budget, call today to discuss your requirements.

Cal: 0141 248 2389 for a personal service.

Create a bespoke gift of love and be unique with The Diamond Studio

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for then The Diamond Studio's Bespoke Service is just for you.

The Diamond Studio prides itself on its bespoke service, providing the perfect piece of jewellery with you in mind. By letting us know exactly what you are looking for and your price range, we can design a unique piece of jewellery that suits both you and your budget. You can bring in ideas of designs or just tell us exactly what you have in mind and we will custom make your jewellery and make your dream piece a reality. By choosing your own stone, setting and materials we will come up with a truly personal piece that you can treasure for years to come.

The Diamond Studio also provides a remodelling service, turning your old, unworn jewellery into modern, new pieces that you will love. By using existing stones and metals this is a very cost effective way of treating yourself to stunning new jewellery.

We at the Diamond Studio make buying jewellery a very personal experience and will help you choose and alter any piece to suit you as an individual. By taking a hand in designing the piece not only are you getting exactly what you want but making the piece more special. We like to get involved and go the extra mile to make your experience everything it should be and have helped out with many engagements and weddings to date. By giving us your budget and ideas of what you want we are able to work within that to provide you with your ideal piece of jewellery at the lowest possible price.

Get in touch with us via email , phone +44 (0141) 248 2389 or simply by popping into the studio on the 2nd floor of the Argylle arcade. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create unique and personal pieces of jewellery.

Monday, 30 January 2012

29 Days of Romance in February

During the month of February, The Diamond Studio is celebratng "29 days of romance". We are highlighting a piece from our collection every day, which has been lovingly created and designed exclusively by The Diamond Studio.

As 2012 is also a leap year, there is no excuse for the ladies not to take a leap of faith and be brave enough to "pop the question".

As part of our market research at the Diamond Studio, we are keen to find out about your love stories, especially where you got engaged, how your other half selected your engagement ring or did you give hints on what you would ideally like? Please feel free to post on our facebook or twitter pages or alternatively post your comments at the bottom of this post.