Monday, 5 January 2015

The birthstone for the month of January

For those born in the month of #January the #garnet is the traditional birthstone. The stone is associated with purity, trust, faithfulness and friendship. 
The popular #January birthstone is most commonly found in Sri Lanka, Malaya, India, Africa, Uruguay, U.S and Brazil. 

The traditional colour associated with the #garnet is the deep red colour and was strongly favoured as a popular gem in Victorian Jewellery. 

The symbolic meaning of the red colour was fire and was associated with #power and #importance. The #January birthstone doesn't just come in red but nearly all other colours too. 

The word #garnet is derived from the Greek word "granatum" which means pomegranate seed, reflecting the shape and colour of the crystals. 

Treat that special person celebrating their #birthday this month to some stunning new #jewellery by having the #garnet made into a ring, pendant or earrings. 

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