Tuesday, 30 December 2014


#Hogmanay is the #Scottish word for last day of the year. However, it is normally only the start of a celebration that lasts through the night until the morning of #NewYears day. 

There are many customs associated with #Hogmanay including the practice of first-footing, which starts immediately after midnight. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbor and involves the giving of symbolic gifts intended to bring different kinds of luck to the householder. 

In #Glasgow and the central areas of #Scotland, the tradition is to hold #Hogmanay parties that usually extend into the daylight hours of the 1st of January.

The #Hogmanay custom of singing #AuldLangSyne is a common tradition in many countries. Auld Lang Syne is a Scots poem by #RobertBurns meaning times long past. 


Our #Scotland collection includes the #RobertBurns bangle, with the following message #hand-engraved “But to see her was to love her; Love but her and love forever”. Also within this collection is the #redrose ring, #braveheart badge, #Scotland money clip and #Scotland forever cufflinks.


We can also #hand-engrave additional messages onto any of your existing jewellery or personalise any items from the #Scotland range.

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