Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Green Quartz

Apart from being completely stunning, our Product of the Week this week can also help you in other ways!
Everyone knows that Quartz has special, healing properties - but each form of Quartz has its own unique qualities.

Green Quartz is more formally known as Prasiolite (or Silicon Dioxide, to use its chemical name) and has special qualities which encourage Love, Intuition and Creativity.
If you're feeling like you need some inspiration, Prasiolite will help you get there!
It also helps the endocrine glands, to keep your body well-balanced, as well as transforming negative energy to positive energy.

Aside from those things, our Green Quartz ring also contains diamonds and is made in 9k White Gold. So even if you're not interested in healing properties, you can definitely enjoy wearing this ring - we think it's gorgeous!

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