Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Engagement Rings

At The Diamond Studio, we know that choosing the perfect engagement ring is not something that can be rushed, nor is it something you can do without putting in some effort!

It's important for the one you love to have a ring as unique as they are, and The Diamond Studio is the place to find it!

We have a selection of gorgeous engagement mounts in stock, to help give you inspiration - or perhaps you'll find what you're looking for among them!
However if you have something completely different in mind, we can have it made up exactly how you want it.

Now for the diamond itself! Whatever cut, colour, carat and clarity you're searching for, we will do our very best to make sure that we find the exact diamond you are searching for!

We have recently joined up with Nordic Fire, a diamond mining company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The origins of this family-run business date back all the way to 1898!
Their diamonds come from the Diavik mine in Canada's Northwest Territories and they are fairly mined, so you can have peace of mind, knowing exactly where your diamond came from.

We will soon be uploading a diamond stock list onto our website, so you can browse it at your leisure, to find your perfect match.
We then order the onr and it gets shipped over all the way from Antwerp, just for you!

The diamond and mount will come together to create a stunning, one-off piece you will both treasure for a lifetime.

We can also re-model items of jewellery - perhaps there is a family heirloom which holds sentimental value, but could do with a bit of an update. We will happily talk through designs and ideas with you - to help keep cherished memories alive, but with a modern twist!

If you don't really like white diamonds, there are more colours to choose from! Black, yellow, or even pink - to name but a few!
Or, if diamonds aren't really your gemstone of choice - you can have an engagement ring with a sapphire, an emerald, whatever you prefer! Or even just a plain band with a pattern or engraving of your choice, we make bespoke pieces to suit all tastes!

We have worked with some wonderful couples over the years, and we are always as excited as they are to see the finished product!
However you envision your perfect engagement ring, The Diamond Studio will be with you every step of the way, to ensure you will be completely thrilled with it!


  1. Tungsten engagement rings best type of rings for any occasion, especially for the commitment! If a person buys a tungsten engagement ring would be a good idea to engrave a ring!

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  3. Of course, the easiest thing to do if you are about to buy engagement rings is to visit a local jeweler and get something that is available. However, this is not usually the best thing to do because the local jewelers are not usually the places where you can get the best deal possible. Sure, it can sometimes happen if you are lucky, but bear in mind that this is extremely rare. Again, if money is no object, you have nothing to worry about, but in case money is a big deal, then you should definitely explore some other options as well.

  4. That would be one of best ring in this world, if I wear it on my birthday. :) Diamond Rings

  5. Ah, I love Earrings Diamond. These are so glamorous. My sister inherited my grandmother's engagement ring from the 1930s. It's a collection of 3 diamonds given to my grandmother by 3 special women in her life at the time, and it's just gorgeous. Elegant, yet still delicate and tasteful. They new how to work it back then.

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  7. What a pretty Diamond Engagement Rings! Fall in love with them in the first sight! Thank you so much for your sharing!