Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Our Heritage

Although The Diamond Studio has been located on the first floor of 29 Glasgow since November 2011, we were actually established in 2006.
Coming from a qualified background in gemstones, wholesale and diamonds, the Managing Director Summera Shaheen founded the Diamond Studio in the Argyll Arcade, where we had five successful years, with Summera winning Businesswoman Of The Year at the Scottish Asian Business Awards in 2008.

The Diamond Studio already has a rich and dynamic history - we have created gifts from Glasgow at the SCDI International Awards.
In 2010, we made a golf pitch-marker for New York's former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and in 2011 we made cufflinks for Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the UN.
We have also been asked to make the gift from Glasgow for Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, for the SCDI International Awards in 2012!

In 2009, we collaborated with footballer DaMarus Beasley to create the DaMarcus Collection - a glamorous and different collection featuring black and white diamonds for a fabulous effect!

We are also the official licensee for the Old Firm and around Christmas 2010, The Diamond Studio created the Bhoys' Collection for Celtic FC. Featuring diamonds, alexandrite and silver, the collection has something for any Celtic fan!

In addition to this, we collaborated with Rangers FC in May 2011 to create the Spirit of '72 Collection, featuring a lot of unique pieces in silver, diamond, sapphire and blue diamond. Recently, we have also released our 140 Years dogtag in solid sterling silver and there are only 140 of these - each one engraved with its own individual number!

Over the years, we have had some out-there requests, crazily tight schedules and (of course) many stunning and amazing pieces pass through our doors!
Many different faces have made up our team since the beginning, each of them have been fantastic and have had something different to contribute.

Moving to 29 Private Members' Club has created a wide range of opportunities for The Diamond Studio, including providing us with the most stylish venues for hosting our events, where our guests receive top-class service from the staff and managers at 29!

We are very excited about the future, especially since linking up with Nordic Fire, a Belgian diamond company based in Antwerp. They mine their own diamonds in Canada, and the origins of the family-run business go all the way back to 1898!
All of their diamonds are extremely high-quality, and because they are from Canada, our customers know that they have been mined in the fairest possible way.

The Diamond Studio hope to add to our success from previous years and with some interesting projects in the pipeline, we're sure that we will!

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