Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More about our Product of the Week! (20/8)

Our Product of the week this week is our Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring in 18k White Gold.

Its design is highly unique and is guaranteed to attract attention at any occasion - as well as adding glamour to any outfit!

Sapphires are the crystallised form of Aluminium Oxide and although usually blue in colour, other colours are often found naturally - including yellow, green, orange brown and even pink!

Natural sapphires can be found in Africa, Asia and North America, but in 1902, a French chemist - Auguste Verneuil - created the World's first synthetic sapphires. Synthetic sapphires are used nowadays in things like the windows in armoured cars and in military body armour, due to their toughness and scratch-resistant properties.

Even though the applications of synthetic sapphires are obviously extremely useful, we think real sapphires are far too precious to be used for things like that!
They definitely look better in our Cocktail Ring, don't you agree?

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