Monday, 5 September 2011

Jewellery Makeovers at The Diamond Studio

The Diamond Studio specialises in all things jewellery, from design to creation and even remodelling.

Jewellery remodelling can comprise anything from turning yellow gold into white gold, or melting down and re-creating a piece from the basics of your old jewellery, and everything in between. Customers modify their jewellery for many reasons, be it old wedding jewellery, items that no longer fit, or pieces that just look old fashioned in the 21st Century.

Most jewellery holds sentimental value so it is unlikely to be thrown out, but it is a waste to leave any old jewellery sitting unused in a drawer. We can create beautiful designs from unworn jewellery, using the existing metal and stones. The jewellery doesn't even have to stay as it is, for example pendants can become rings, and rings can become brooches.

The Diamond Studio offers competitive affordable rates to resize rings, rhodium plate jewellery or remodel designs of existing pieces. For a quote, either pop in with the jewellery or e-mail for more information.

Store: Suite 2/2, Argyll Arcade, Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Tweet: @DiamondStudio
Phone: 0141 248 2389

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