Thursday, 22 September 2011

10 Reasons Why Bespoke Jewellery is Best

Bespoke jewellery refers to pieces which are designed for of by a customer. Bespoke can involve anything, from altering existing designs, re-modelling older jewellery to creating brand new unique designs. The Diamond Studio specialises in bespoke custom made jewellery. We believe Bespoke is Best, but if we haven't convinced you, take a look at our top ten reasons why we believe customers should choose bespoke.

1) Bespoke jewellery produces a unique piece of jewellery tailored to your tastes.
2) Bespoke allows us to create any design within your budget.
3) No-one else will own the same piece.
4) Choice is not limited by in-store stock.
5) Designing your own jewellery allows creativity and imagination to flow.
6) Bespoke jewellery allows for customers to personally select the diamond or stone used.
7) It can make use of any old jewellery that is unused or unwanted.
8) The only limits are your imagination.
9) Selecting diamonds for specific pieces means you get the best price for the stone you want.
10) It's fun!

Why not visit us in our new premises to discuss how bespoke jewellery could work for you?

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