Monday, 13 January 2014

The Diamond Studio Daily 13/01/2014

This is one massive year for Scotland, The Commonwealth Games, EMA's and The Ryder Cup to name just a few are landing on our doorstep. So today just in time to kick off an amazing year we launch our Scotland Collection featuring its first five pieces inspired by Scotland, its wealth of heritage and the great Robert Burns. Everyday for the next two weeks we are going to bring you the best parts of Scotland finishing on the big day its self  The Burns Supper. So lets kick off with some best bits (in no particular order) of the brawest place on earth.

  1. Robert Burns.
  2. Tunnock’s Teacakes.
  3. The fact that after surveying people from all over the UK, the Scottish accent was regarded as by far the most trusted.
  4. Grand Theft Auto. We made that, we did. Ditto: Lemmings.
  5. Having the Gay Gordons hardwired into your physical subconscious as part of your education..
  6. Kelvingrove Museum.
  7. The ‘will I make the last train back to Edinburgh or not?’ Russian Roulette sensation of queuing for Pizza Crolla at 11.28pm.
  8. The Barrowland sign.
  9. That we come from a country that produced James Kelman, AL Kennedy, Irvine Welsh and Ali Smith, all world renowned, all completely different writers, in a relatively small period of time.
  10. Eating deep fried whitebait and chips on the harbour wall at Anstruther.
  11. Partick Thistle.
  12. The huge arch that carries Waterloo Place over Calton Road in Edinburgh.
  13. The pronunciation, versatility and myriad usage of ‘gallus’, ‘mince’ and ‘magic’ 
  14. The series of step locks at Fort Augustus: a feat of engineering with a view stretching across Loch Ness.
  15. Arthur’s Seat. An extinct volcano in the middle of a city. 
  16. Nardini's ice cream sundaes.
  17. Chips and cheese from the King’s CafĂ© after a loooong night in Sleazy’s. 
  18. The way old sandstone buildings look cut out against the sky on clear, sunny winter days..
  19. The classic Scottish/Indian curry. Especially from Mr Singhs in Glasgow.
  20. The beauty and engineering skill of the Forth Bridge. And that the paint job will never be finished.
  21. The fact that optimistic and cold-resistant children still swim in the sea at Portobello beach in February.
  22. That touring bands still love a Scottish audience better than any other. And we know they don’t just say that to all the girls.
  23. The sea. Always different, always the same.
  24. The first few days of the Edinburgh Festival. Before you remember that you hate flyer's and too-wacky street performers, it all seems kind of magical.
  25. That Scots having great sporting success in any field is still greeted with shock, then delight, then everyone claims to have known the sports person’s father. And they probably did.
  26. Salt’n’sauce/ salt’n’vinegar. Choose wisely.
  27. Hot toddies.
  28. Irn Bru and Tennent’s Lager adverts. Wee bits of genius.
  29. The Falkirk Wheel.
  30. Being welcomed abroad by all nations.
  31. ‘500 miles’ by The Proclaimers. 
  32. Glasgow School of Art hipster kids in Deirdre Barlow spectacles, rocking the skinny jeans way before Kate Moss.
  33. The BIG glitterball in the ABC. It’s the biggest in Europe apparently. Although we’re not exactly sure who measures these things mind you,
  34. Pringle knitwear (off the golf course only, mind).
  35. ‘Roamin’ in the Gloamin’’.
  36. The Fratellis
  37. Castle's 
  38. Being far away from home and suddenly becoming the ultimate Scottish ambassador as soon as anyone takes an interest in your accent.
  39. The Northern Lights 
  40. Never feeling lonely, even if you wanted to be.

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