Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Gold, this season's must-have!

Gold is making a comeback in a big way, particularly this season! It's all about black clothes in lace and decadent textures, with gold embellishments for the 'Baroque and Roll' trend - currently taking the fashion world by storm.

Dolce and Gabbana, and Stella McCartney are among those who have embraced this trend and created some fabulous designs we can't get enough of here at The Diamond Studio!
You too can be a part of this fabulous trend, and we have plenty of gold pieces to help you do just that!

Featured below are just some of the fabulous items we have which would be perfect paired up with a lace LBD or some leather trousers!

However, if all the gold items we have in stock don't quite take your fancy, we can have something bespoke made up just for you! This way, you'll know that whatever you get made up is completely unique - no-one else will have it!
Or if you would prefer, we can also get one of our existing pieces made up completely in gold, if you love them but would prefer them in gold!

Another option is to have something made up in silver, but gold-plate it. You can even get one of our existing products, or something you might already own, but would like to give a bit of an update! We can gold plate items for only £10 - a much cheaper alternative to buying something completely in gold, or getting something new made altogether!

Come up and see us if any of the above options interest you!

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