Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Real Hustle in The Diamond Studio

Yesterday was great fun for The Diamond Studio as 29 became the filming venue for BBC3 television programme The Real Hustle. The corridors were buzzing with people and excited faces which was great to see.

Presenter Jessica-Jane was first to discover The Diamond Studio as she looked for a mirror in the former spa! And within the hour the stars of the show were glittering with our diamonds and unique jewellery. The cast loved our pieces and as a result our jewellery will now be worn on the show when the next season is aired! It is a great coup for the Studio to be involved with such an exciting high profile show.

New Recruit Polly Parsons looked great in our diamond bangle and cocktail ring.

As did New Recruit Jazz Lintott who modelled the stunning spinning 'boxer' ring.

 And Jessica-Jane Clement dazzled in our gorgeous diamond necklace and cocktail ring.

The filming was on all day, so the jewellery was being used until late, and this morning has us wondering if we should get our jewellery checked at the workshop to confirm it's still real? It was The Real Hustle after all....!! But then again, one off pieces are hard to replicate...

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