Monday, 1 August 2011


The Diamond Studio isn't just diamonds. Along with sapphires we have also begun designing some beautiful new pieces with emerald, a deep green stone with a rich exuberant colour which adds character and style to any piece.

The emerald has long been associated with glamour and timeless good taste. The oldest emerald mine is Cleopatra's mine, which dates back to 2000 BC- although the oldest emerald is though to date back to Babylonian times (4000 BC). The mine is located near Cairo, and named after this infamous femme-fatale owing to her love of the stone. This beautiful mineral was also a favourite of Hollywood starlet Marlene Dietrich, and the icon of classic style, Jackie O. It's therefore no coincidence then that the Beryl family of gemstones, to which the emerald belongs, has long been believed to increase the wearers attractiveness to the opposite sex and promote love.

The emerald is incredibly rare, and carat for carat is more valuable than the diamond. In Paganism, green is considered a colour of prosperity. This has made it a favourite to the upper echelons of society, as a strong status symbol. Due to this, the emerald was a central stone in the Russian crown jewels.

Emerald is also the birthstone for May, and is associated with the star signs Taurus, Cancer and Gemini.

We have some gorgeous emeralds in stock just now, feel free to pop into The Diamond Studio for a look. We have a stone to suit your style and budget, sourcing and designing our pieces to suit your exact specifications.So whether you are looking for an elegant gift, or an unusual jewellery piece, we can help.

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